Monday, March 16, 2015

Music Video Monday - Kitty in a Casket

Been thinking about doing this as a feature for some time, but I always need to find the correct motivation.

I'm a huge fan of good music videos - there are so many inventive and original ways to showcase a band's music, songs, style and so forth.  Obviously there are just as many bad ways to do that, but this won't be that forum.  Honestly...over the last few years, I've probably gotten into more different bands/groups/artists just from checking out random (and not so random) music videos on youtube - not to mention AMVs (anime music videos), but we'll save those for another day.

From Repo: The Genetic Opera for instance - after picking up that soundtrack, I was lead to "The Devil's Carnival" - the follow-up project by the director and writer - and picked up that soundtrack.  Exploration of the singers featured in those songs and videos in turn lead me to Emilie Autumn and her albums and videos.

But that's just one example.  For tonight, we're going to focus on another group: Kitty in a Casket!

I first started checking out the Psycho-billy genre a few years ago after hearing a few albums with some friends (we'll look at those groups in the future) - and it's amazing what you can dig up in a few minutes on youtube:

Kitty in a Casket is definitely my favorite Austrian Psycho-billy band.  I'll grant you they're the only one I know or follow at the moment - but that's beside the point - because they rock!

At the moment, they've got three full length albums plus an EP out and available on itunes - I can highly recommend all of them.  They all feature a great mixture of classic rockabilly riffs with the dark horror movie themes of the psycho-sub-genre.  Naturally you get some various horror-themed song titles  such as "Nekrophilian Love", "My Cannibal Paradise", "Zombie Wannabe" and "In Blood We Trust."

Kitty is a very talented and sexy singer - equally attractive singing in English or German!  The rest of the band are no slouches either when it comes to talent - and together they put together a great sound that I really hope to hear in person at some point in the future.

So, I wasn't going to start with this band, but after they put out a brand, spanking-new vid on Friday the 13th, I just had to give them the lede!

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